Joint Committee 226

The Joint Committee 226 is competent for employers and their employees, active in  international trade, transport and logistics.

About us

Joint Committee 226 is responsible for the employees and their employers in the international trade, transport and logistics sector.

The Employers’ Federation for International Trade, Transport and Logistics:

  • was founded in 1937 under the name “Patrons’ Group for Trade and Shipping Offices”
  • is the representative employers’ association for Joint Committee 226
  • conducts negotiations with the trade unions on pay and labour conditions for the employees in the sector
  • is a signatory that participates in the creation of Collective Labour Agreements for the sector
  • aims to pursue a policy relating to employment and the application of social legislation.

The Federation is led by a Board of Directors comprising 12 members, elected by the General Meeting following proposals from the representative professional associations.

President: Paul Valkeniers  /Secretary-general: Didier Lobelle / Secretary: Machteld Buyens

The Employers’ Federation team is responsible for the day-to-day services provided to the members.