Recruiting young people

Did you know that ... companies in Joint Committee 226 can achieve a premium paid by the Social Fund if they employ a young person under 26 years old from an at-risk group (unemployed, low level of education etc.) or finishing an individual vocational programme.

The young employee must be recruited with a permanent employment contract. The premium amounts to 2,500 EUR (for full-time employment).



Benefits of membership

Membership of our Employers’ Federation includes numerous benefits, such as:

  • acces to the member section
  • information on socio-legal issues
  • training courses by experts of the sector
  • appropriate legal advice
  • support in case of a collective labour conflict
  • as well as various reductions.


Sectoral outplacement

Did you know that ... employees in Joint Committee 226 who are dismissed by their employer have the right to redundancy coaching paid for by the Social Fund.

The procedure for employees with severance payments of 30 weeks or more has been adapted earlier this year. 

Not yet a member? We would like to contact you to explain the benefits of membership.

Job Title:

The Employers' Federation for international trade, transport and logistics is the only employers' organization of the Joint Committee 226.

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